“In the three years following (our strategic planning and organizational development workshops), we are still practicing what we learned about ourselves and have doubled our program enrollments and budgets.”
Kiyo Morse, Head of Steppingstone School For Gifted Education


Dr. David Snider customizes training, workshops, coaching sessions, planning sessions and meetings around the particular needs of an organization, team or individual. All of Davidís work is shaped by Appreciative Inquiry. Depending on your needs, he may also teach you to use the skills of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), and skills to identify, learn from and manage emotions. David helps you practice these skills in relation to your organizationís pressing issues.

After an initial consultation, David creates a proposal to address your needs in:

  • Leadership development
    1. Select the topic of your work.
    2. Tailor workshops based on the business imperatives and needs of the organization and leaders.
  • Diversity Initiatives
    1. Address age, ethnicity, gender, personality preferences, physical abilities, race, sexual/affectional orientation or other dimensions of diversity.
    2. Acknowledging and valuing diversity.Develop the business case for acknowledging and valuing diversity.
    3. Select topics of diversity that are most important in the organization.
    4. Design a workshop for diversity education and strategy.
  • Team building
    1. Identify pressing issues that impede working together as an effective team.
    2. Identify strengths that the team can build on to achieve its mission.
    3. Design a workshop to discover the teamís greatest strengths, individually and as a group.
  • Strategic planning
    1. Work with senior management and a cross-section of the organization to understand goals, current resources and obstacles.
    2. Select a topic for strategic planning that builds on personal and organizational strengths.
    3. Facilitate the creation of a vision and a strategic plan for the future.
  • Coaching
    1. Personal
      1. Discover your strengths and accomplish more through individualized coaching and encouragement.
      2. Build a personal pathway to success.
    2. Business
      1. Establish goals based on business imperatives.
      2. Develop a plan to achieve your goals throughout all levels of the organization.
  • Board and staff development
    1. Work with boards of directors and staff to build effective teamwork.
    2. Through retreats, workshops and interactive group sessions, practice finding the ďbestsĒ people and the organization have to giveÖand get.
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