Clearly the current and future leaders of this organization have benefited from your leadership and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that has been mine to work with you.
Keith Molin, Executive Director, MSHDA

David Snider's Toolkit

David Snider integrates three powerful tools when he consults with leaders and teams and when he coaches individuals. One tool, Appreciative Inquiry (AI), offers proven methods to enable people to discover and build on their own and each other’s most energizing, best experiences. The second tool, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), presents a simple but deep description of differences in behavior preferences with which each of us is born. This tool provides a common language to understand and talk about how we most comfortably live and work. The language is safe because the approach is built on the assumption that each natural preference is equally valuable.

David’s third tool actually is a collection. It includes William Ury’s The Power Of A Positive No: How To Say NO And Still Get To YES; the four skills of The Emotionally Intelligent Manager, presented by David Caruso and Peter Salovey; and the ground-breaking positive psychology research of Barbara Fredrickson. This “third tool collection” offers varied, compatible sets of skills for identifying, using, understanding and managing emotions, our own and those of others.

David’s unique integration of these tools is a powerful resource for team, interpersonal and personal growth. You can learn more about these tools at the web sites found on our Links page.

David also uses a variety of other tools, such as Large Scale Change, Open Space Technology, and Fun team building activities for organizations.Brainstorming. He also uses resources that enable people to “play to learn,” including poker chips, Tinker Toys, collages and props to create media presentations.

He creates and leads activities that are fun and that allow people to see and feel the significant differences in their natural personality preferences. He provides tools to help people analyze and create action plans that include the strengths of all personality preferences. David energizes people to effect positive change that is in line with their organization’s mission and that matters to them personally.

Positive emotions can transform organizations because they broaden people’s habitual modes of thinking, and in doing so, make organizational members more flexible, empathic, creative…

Barbara Fredrickson,
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in Positive Organizational Scholarship

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