Below are links to some of the theory and research that have shaped David’s practice over the years.  Click on these links to learn more about Appreciative Inquiry and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, two of David’s primary tools for Team and Leader Development, Business and Personal Coaching, Strategic Planning and Diversity Education and Strategy. Other links are to Barbara Fredrickson’s positive emotions research, which has helped David understand why the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Appreciative Inquiry methods “work” so powerfully.

David Cooperrider

Dr. David Cooperrider is the key creator of the Appreciative Inquiry approach to organizational change. Hundreds of other theorists and practitioners have joined Cooperrider in developing the discipline of Appreciative Inquiry, which University of Michigan Professor Robert Quinn says "is currently revolutionizing the field of organizational development." Cooperrider and Barrett’s comprehensive PowerPoint introduction to Appreciative Inquiry can be found at and barret ai monterray day one and two.pdf

An article titled “A Positive Revolution In Change: Appreciative Inquiry” by David Cooperrider and Diana Whitney can be found at

For hundreds of articles on Appreciative Inquiry practice and research, go to the Appreciative Inquiry Commons at

Barbara FredricksoN

Former University of Michigan Professor Dr. Barbara Fredrickson has done pioneering research on the significance of positive emotions.  In “Positive emotions and upward spirals in organizational settings” psychologist Fredrickson “describes how individual organizational members’ experiences of positive emotions – like joy, interest, pride, contentment, gratitude, and love – can be transformational and fuel upward spirals toward optimal individual and organizational functioning.”  This article, which summarizes much of Fredrickson’s work, is available on her University of North Carolina web site:

Another excellent Fredrickson article is “What Good Are Positive Emotions?”  In this article Fredrickson distinguishes between the effects of positive and negative emotions and presents her Broaden-and-Build Model of Positive Emotions.  It also is available (listed in 1998 publications) along with numerous other articles on her web site:

These scholarly articles provide the foundation for Fredricksonís Positivity, a 2009 book that is delightfully more readable, personal and engaging than most of her scholarly work.

Myers & Briggs Foundation

This site provides a succinct introduction to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®).  For an overview go to the Site Map: A good starting point is the section “My MBTI Personality Type” and the first section “MBTI Basics.”

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